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Dover, Ohio 44622
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Project Management & Leasehold Acquisition Services:

Petroleum Land Service, LLC ("PLS") is a full service land company offering tailored service to meet our clients needs.   A successful play requires a solid team base that begins with a competent project manager. The project manager coordinates all of our services; abstracting, curative, mapping, damage settlements, drill-site access, leasing, lease purchase reporting, and mineral ownership reports.

PLS land managers maintain superior communication with the client keeping them up to date on progress and the ever-changing situations while collaborating with the client on how best to handle circumstances that arise. PLS managers will pro-actively handle problems and render prompt attention as needed.

PLS recognizes our client’s obligations to inform partners, investors, engineers, geologists, and support staff on progress throughout the entire phase of the project. To that end, PLS works with the client’s land manager to provide the most up to date Master Leasehold Schedule report on a predetermined day.

At PLS, we understand that we are selling the reputation of the client as the oil and gas exploration operator. PLS realizes that the field landman is the client’s ambassador to the landowners, it is an important role, not taken lightly. The landman’s face may be the only representative of the client that the landowner will see before production begins. With that said, PLS landmen acquire the greatest mineral interest at the best terms possible when negotiating lease terms with mineral owners. Our landmen adhere to the Landman Code of Ethics and operates with the highest integrity possible in the industry.

PLS manages our field landmen projects in teams. Each team member is required to keep contact logs with names, address, legal descriptions, phone numbers, best means of contact, and other pertinent data so there is no duplication of our efforts. With diligent oversight, using various filters, checks and balances, PLS will alleviate the false sense of completion in an area of interest when reporting on potential lessor(s) intentions of leasing with PLS and the client.   

There is no need to compartmentalize efforts i.e. leasing agent, in-house landman, or abstractor, PLS contracts veteran landmen who can run their own abstracts, produce cursory leasehold reports, conduct well sweeps, and negotiate lease terms with lessor(s). To maintain the vital flow of leasehold information these PLS contracted field landman are required to deliver their report(s) to the managing team two days prior to the client report date.

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